Invoice Scanning

Scanning source documents to Accounting System

HulsbosKlatt uses an innovative and efficient way of processing sales- and purchase invoices and other source documents for the financial accounting.

The high recognition rate and ease of use provides a forward step in online line bookkeeping; providing real time information and efficient handling. The system accepts paper bills and digital invoice flows. These files are then available to view in real time, online and integrated with our online accounting system. The system is secure, safe and available over the internet for a flexible monthly fee.
Documents can be delivered to the system from multiple sources: secure email, via scanner, via web or even via smart phone. Windows dropbox can also be used.
The system fully integrates with our web-based financial accounting software, including the use of currency, projects, cost centers and synchronization of general ledger accounts; also benefiting from the automatic creation of debtors and creditors.

HulsbosKlatt is your Financial Outsourcing company for Accounting, Paryolling, Human Resources, Financial Reporting, Annual Accounts and Tax Compliance.
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