Residence permit for startup

Residence permit for foreign start-ups in The Netherlands

From January 2015, ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the EU can apply for a temporary residence permit in the Netherlands. With a ‘start-up’ residence permit, ambitious starters get one year’s time to launch an innovative company in the Netherlands. 

One condition is that the budding entrepreneur work with a reliable partner who is already established in the Netherlands (read more about conditions).


How it works

The arrangement is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs from outside the EU. The permit is valid for up to one year. In that year, the entrepreneur will have the opportunity to start a company based on an innovative product or service. When the year is up, the entrepreneur may renew their license as an independent entrepreneur. Here the entrepreneur must meet the normal requirements applicable to self-employed persons. An overview of these requirements can be found on the website of the IND. It is not possible for the original startup permit to be extended beyond one year.


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