The Flex-BV. Do you benefit the (tax) options?

The new law that applies to private companies with limited liability (BV) has been in effect for some time now (since 1-10-2012). This law aims to simplify and flexibilise BV-law. On top of that, the law on management and supervision entered into force on 01-01-2013. Best practice in the industry has shown that some changes will apply to existing BV’s by virtue of Dutch law, others will only apply following amendment of the articles of association.

By amending the articles of association of your BV, in addition to the previous, the following can be achieved:

  • Pay back free of income tax
  • Reducing tax pressure
  • Representation in case of a conflict of interest
  • Amendment of the nominal value or currency of the shares
  • Abolishment of the share transfer restrictions included in the articles of associa tion
  • Simplification of written and electronic resolutions and reporting thereof
  • Deletion of all provisions contradicting with the revised BV law

Not all articles of association are created equally. Therefore, in cooperation with DeHeng Civil Code, we offer a so-called “Quick scan” of your articles of association at a reasonable fee. With this Quick scan, we can assess and report if and where your articles of association have to be amended to get them “Flex-BV proof”. We are pleased to furnish you with further information in our white paper.



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