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Shortening of maximum term for 30% expat tax ruling postponed

The Dutch government’s plans to shorten the period in which employees recruited from abroad are given a 30% reduction on wages tax, have been postponed by 2 years. Known as the 30% ruling, the tax reduction currently applies to expats (highly skilled migrants) in the Netherlands for 8 years, but the current coalition government had […]

Private use of a company car

Dutch wage tax on the private use of a company car! The tax and customs administration regards the gain obtained from the private use with a company car as the employee’s wages: if: • a company car is made available to the employee and: • the employee may also use the company car for private […]

The Flex-BV. Do you benefit the (tax) options?

The new law that applies to private companies with limited liability (BV) has been in effect for some time now (since 1-10-2012). This law aims to simplify and flexibilise BV-law. On top of that, the law on management and supervision entered into force on 01-01-2013. Best practice in the industry has shown that some changes will […]

Parental leave, a legal right in The Netherlands

In The Netherlands, parental leave makes it possible for an employee to temporarily work less in order to care for his or her child or children. Both parents are entitled to parental leave, but be aware of the specifics of this legal right. Below we summerized for you the most important aspects of it. Conditions […]

Residence permit for foreign start-ups in The Netherlands

From January 2015, ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the EU can apply for a temporary residence permit in the Netherlands. With a ‘start-up’ residence permit, ambitious starters get one year’s time to launch an innovative company in the Netherlands.  One condition is that the budding entrepreneur work with a reliable partner who is already established in […]

The work-related expenses scheme will continue

The work-related expenses scheme will continue with the following adjustments: • Necessity criterion: facilities that are considered necessary by the employer in relation to the business activities, can be provided tax free. For now, this will only apply to tools, computers, mobile communication and similar equipment. • Settlement by the employer will be simplified and […]

Scanning source documents to Accounting System

HulsbosKlatt uses an innovative and efficient way of processing sales- and purchase invoices and other source documents for the financial accounting. The high recognition rate and ease of use provides a forward step in online line bookkeeping; providing real time information and efficient handling. The system accepts paper bills and digital invoice flows. These files […]