Ten percent less bankruptcies in The Netherlands

Credit insurer Atradius recently stated that this year the number of business bankruptcies in The Netherlands is expected to decrease by 10 percent.


Similar decline in the Euro-zone is only foreseen for Ireland. With a total of 9.456 companies we apparently reached a tipping point in 2013. The total for 2014 is expected to decrease to approximately 8,500. The number of bankruptcies is a clear measure of economic recovery. The number of bankruptcies prior to the crisis amounted to about half of the number in 2013. As such it is concluded that recovery has started.

With an estimated decline of 2.1 percent, the overall Euro zone outlook for 2014 is truly positive. At the same time however a reverse, increasing amount of bankruptcies is seen in emerging economies in Latin America, Eastern Europe and countries such as Russia and Turkey