“We speak the same language and work together in expanding our business.”

Update.com is a European software vendor, specialized in CRM solutions. The financial accounting of the Dutch subsidiary of Update.com is outsourced by HulsbosKlatt. HulsbosKlatt is supporting the originally Austrian company for over ten years now, since the founding of their Dutch subsidiary.

Herbert Gobold is Vice President Finance & Controlling at Update.com, and is a satisfied client: “We have outsourced our entire suite of payroll-services, annual book closing and tax-declaration. Beside we ask HulsbosKlatt for regular consultancy regarding VAT and some special requests, like pension-funds. Not only for our Dutch subsidiary, but for our Belgian branch-office as well.”

“At our Dutch office, we have an in-house accountant who takes care of the regular bookkeeping. Our accountant and the people at HulsbosKlatt work together in two ways. First, the collaboration is process driven: these are all the regular tasks like payroll, book closings and tax-declaration. Second, our companies work together on an adhoc-base. For example, when our accountant has a question about changes in the VAT, HulsbosKlatt is available for advice.”

“HulsbosKlatt always shows up as a team. We know who we work with. We meet once a year, to review the past year and all what has been done. We established a really good procedure where we give each other feedback. Needless to say, we look ahead to the upcoming year to agree on where we need to work together.”

“Our head-office is located in Vienna, Austria but the communication with HulsbosKlatt on a long distance is really good. When something pops up, we use email for contact and we get a fast reply. Because we have subsidiaries all over Europe, I have a broad experience with financial outsourcing companies similar to HulsbosKlatt. HulsbosKlatt distinguishes themselves in terms of flexibility. When we meet together, I receive a pack of information considering my business. For example, it consists of the recent changes in Dutch tax regulations. HulsbosKlatt knows what is important for my company. That is a pro-active service. We speak the same language and work together in expanding our business.”