Ido Roelofs – Tranter

“What really distinguishes them from the rest is their international know-how!”

Tranter delivers compact plate heat exchangers to customers worldwide. Tranter Netherlands, a subsidiary of a Swedish company, has been a HulsbosKlatt client for fifteen years now. Ido Roelofs is in charge of the Benelux organization and business: “Following an acquisition we got in touch with HulsbosKlatt. The company we took over was one of HulsbosKlatt’s customers, and we decided to continue the relationship – which proved to be a very good decision. I am satisfied with the service.”

“The fact that our Dutch office is located in the east of Holland and HulsbosKlatt’s offices are in The Hague – this geographical distance has never hurt the service level. We meet once or twice a year, and all day-to-day contact is by phone or email. HulsbosKlatt takes care of our payroll, taxes, pensions, and reporting. What really distinguishes them from the rest is their international know-how.”

“HulsbosKlatt helped us to do the monthly report more efficiently. Internally is took us several days to deliver the requested reports. Today, HulsbosKlatt produces them and sends them directly to both the Dutch office and the Swedish HQ. This works fine!”

“Our corporate strategy directs us not to have permanent financial staff. As such the head-office stimulates us to outsource our financial department. Teaming with HulsbosKlatt, I am very satisfied with such a policy! The relationship between Tranter and HulsbosKlatt is a true partnership. And to my personal relief. I am a salesman and engineer, not an administrator!”