Pierre van Aalst – GBMI

“HulsbosKlatt: an expert finance department with the pros of outsourcing!”

American shoe brand, Pierre van Aalst, founded the European head office in The Netherlands in order to develop a new European distribution network. “Already from the start of this project it was clear to me that, to allow us to focus on developing the business, we should not create our own HR and financial department. So outsourcing was the way to go. Having a financial background myself, I was looking for a firm that was working as if they were our own financial department. Looking for the right service provider, I met HulsbosKlatt.”

“Nico Hulsbos was involved from the beginning. For our US head-office we needed to report according to US-GAAP. Nico delivered the templates for this. HulsbosKlatt took care of the reporting, made sure that we got them in time, and updated us on the details by phone the same day. This allowed me to inform the head-office in near-time. This worked seamlessly, and our office was always number one in delivering the required reports in the right format.”

“HulsbosKlatt provides all you expect from your own Finance- and HR-department: reliable, in-time and easy to do business with. And in addition to that, no disadvantages of permanent staff! Absence because of illness or holidays, training and development, recruitment when people are leaving, HulsbosKlatt takes care of all this.”